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Load Cell - Biomedical Research (133)

Application Summary

Many medical facilities utilize load cells during delicate research studies, such as biomaterial testing, for accurate and precise measurement feedback.

Products in Use

In Line Load Cell (LCM Series) paired with Instrumentation and Software (IHH500, IPM650, USB Solutions, and SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software).

Biomedical Research
How it Works
  1. Biomedical researchers often work with very sensitive and delicate materials.

  2. Load cells allow researchers the ability to monitor the force applied to their test specimens.

  3. In the above application, a Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cell (LCM Series) has been mounted to a linear actuator. As the actuator drives the needle into the biomaterial, load feedback can be shown on either FUTEK’s IHH500 or IPM650 digital displays or streamed through USB onto a PC.

  4. Pairing the SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software with any of these instrument options provides the user with the ability to data log and live graph.

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