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Torque Sensor - Hinge Fatigue Testing

Application Summary

Torque hinges, friction hinges, and position hinges are all synonyms for a type of hinge that allows two parts to rotate about one another when a load is applied. The hinge then returns to its original position when that load is removed due to its high torsional stiffness. Because of this property, they are used in everything, from cabinetry and car glove boxes to laptops and monitor stands. This wide range of uses requires that these hinges survive and very often exceed the lifetime of the product. To ensure this, fatigue and cycle testing must be performed to verify the hinge lifespan when integrated into the product.

Products in Use

FUTEK’s TFF400 Reaction Torque Sensor paired with Instrumentation (USB220, IAA Amplifier). For more in-depth analysis of hinge performance, a TRS605 Rotary Torque Sensor with a built-in encoder paired with a USB520 can be used

Hinge Fatigue Testing
How it Works
  1. The TFF400 torque sensor is mounted in line with the motor driving the automated cycling system.

  2. Although the TFF400 is a reaction torque sensor, if the overall rotation is less than 360 degrees, you avoid the risk of the cable winding around the sensor.

  3. The TFF400 is then mounted to the hub of a wheel. The rotation of the wheel will allow the hinge that is to be tested to open and close.

  4. The TFF400 will then record the amount of torque needed to open and close the hinge.

  5. If the motor is set in brake mode, the torque sensor will be able to measure the torque spring resistance and torsional stiffness.

  6. A TFF400 paired with a USB220 can output the results of testing to a PC for data capture and analysis.

  7. Additionally, a TRS605 paired with USB520 will allow for the logging of rotary angle data, enabling a study of torque versus hinge angle.

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