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Application Summary

Most medical facilities are equipped with various patient lifting apparatuses. Being that these lifts endure a variety of payloads, load cells are used to monitor the maximum weight capacities.

Products in Use

A Pancake Load Cell (LCF Series) paired with Instrumentation (IAA Series, IPM650, IHH500, USB Solutions).

How it Works
  1. Medical device engineers often utilize robust load cells to provide the critical verification measurements on patient lifts, being as these lifts support patients of various weights.

  2. Installed on the lift's cable, FUTEK's Pancake Load Cell (LCF Series) measures the weight of load, as well as the endurance of the cable as it maneuvers each patient.

  3. These measurements can be amplified through an IAA Series Analog Amplifier to a PLC, shown on a digital display (IPM650 or IHH500) or streamed directly to a PC using FUTEK's USB Solutions.

  4. If the instrument is paired with FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software operators can log, and graph all the data on the PC.

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