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Application Summary

When dispensing fluids into containers for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or chemicals, it’s critical that the amount of product dispensed meets the stated weight on the product packaging, both to minimize waste and meet regulatory requirements. This requires a precise and stable sensor in the filling process. This level of precision is also key in chemical and pharmaceutical applications compounding processes, where it is crucial to monitor the dosage rate of the various components to maintain a precise chemical ratio.

Products in Use

LSM Series Load Cell paired with Instrumentation (IDC305 Digital Controller, IPM650 Panel Mount Display or IAA Series Analog Amplifier).

Bottle Dispensing and Weighing
How it Works
  1. An LSM Series Load Cell is mounted inline below a platform supporting a container being filled.

  2. As the container is filled, the LSM series sensor weighs the fluid dispensed into the container.

  3. The weight signal from the LSM series sensor is sent to an IDC305 Digital Controller(SPI signal), IPM650 Digital Display (Amplified Analog Signal), or IAA series Analog Amplifier (Amplified Analog Signal) to convert the signal and send it to a compatible PLC or microcontroller.

  4. The PLC or microcontroller reads in the signal and shuts off the dispenser when the correct weight of fluid is dispensed.

  5. In addition to a low non-linearity and non-repeatability, the LSM series sensor exhibits minimal creep and has built-in overload protection to protect the sensor from unforseen accidents.

  6. Creep is the drift of a load cell’s output when a fixed load is applied. This means that the LSM series sensor is minimally affected by the platform and container weights, maximizing accuracy.

  7. Lastly, FUTEK offers OEM solutions for the LSM series load cells that offer I2C, RS232, and UART signal outputs.

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