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Application Summary

Sensors that operate within high strength, magnetic fields must not only have their measurements immune to alteration from magnetic fields, they must also not become a projectile risk in the environment. For load and force testing and control, a sensor manufactured from non-magnetic, non-ferrous materials is necessary for use in the magnetic environment.

Products in Use

Non-Magnetic LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell paired with Instrumentation (USB220, IHH500 Digital Hand Held Display, IPM650 Panel Mount Display, IDC305 Digital Controller, or IAA Series Analog Amplifier)

Non-Magnetic Sensors Solutions
How it Works
  1. Operating within high-strength magnetic fields, requires equipment built from non-magnetic and magnetically shielded materials, such as Beryllium Copper.

  2. These materials serve two purposes: to prevent the alteration of sensor measurements due to magnetic fields and prevent the sensor itself from being pulled into the source of the magnetic field, damaging equipment.

  3. Additionally, the use of magnetically shielded materials prevents any fields generate by the sensor to skew measurements made by other sensors and instruments.

  4. In this application, a non-magnetic LSB200 Miniature S Beam Load Cell is installed within an MRI machine to perform force measurements.

  5. The LSB200s cabling and signal is routed outside of the MRI to instrumentation a safe distance away from the machine to prevent damage to the MRI and instruments.

  6. The signal is then amplified via an IAA series Analog Amplifier to be sent to a DAQ, displayed by an IPM650 Panel Mount Display, IHH500 Handheld Display, converted to an SPI signal by an IDC305 Digital Controller, or logged using USB220 USB Output Module on a PC running SENSIT.

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