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Load Cell - Pill Press Force Verification (176)

Application Summary

In the pharmaceutical industry, the last thing that any tablet/pill manufacturer wants is to have their product disintegrate during transport to the customer. Each tablet must have the correct compressive force applied to it to maintain its structure and achieve the desired tablet hardness. To verify that each tablet is compressed correctly, a LCF505 Universal Pancake Load Cell with Tension Base is incorporated into the mechanism that adjusts the main roller to measure compression force.

Products in Use

One LCF505 Universal Pancake Load Cell with Tension Base paired with Instrumentation (IAA series, IPM650, or IDA100)

Pill Press Force Verification
How it Works
  1. A LCF505 Universal Pancake Load Cell with Tension Base is mated between a linear actuator piston and the main feed rooler for the rotary press.

  2. As the main roller compresses powder into a tablet, the LCF505 measures the compressive force applied to the tablet.

  3. The measurement from the LCF505 is sent to the digital display (IHH500, IPM650) or displayed on a PC with our SENSIT software(IDA100)

  4. An amplified analog signal is then sent to the PLC controlling the tablet press enabling the ability to reject faulty tablets and control of the force applied to the tablet.

  5. Additionally, our SENSIT software can be used to log sensor output for quality control purposes for all three instruments depicted.

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