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Load Cell - Precision Measurement Scale (138)

Application Summary

Precision scale platforms require the most-accurate load measurements. In celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday, FUTEK utilized four overload-protected low profile load cells to weigh the coveted turkey dinner.

Products in Use

Low Profile Load Cell Tension and Compression (LRF Family) paired with FUTEK's IAC200 2–4 Channel Summing Junction Box alongside the IHH500 or IPM650. 

Precision Measurement Scale
How it Works
  1. Precision scales require high-accuracy, compression load cells.

  2. In the above illustration, FUTEK celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday by conceptually showing how our LRF Series Low Profile Load Cell Tension and Compression can be used to create a meticulous feedback system.

  3. Mounted to all four corners of the platform, these load cells (equipped with overload protection) will measure the weight (load) of whichever "feast" item happens to be placed upon it.

  4. As the load  fluctuates, FUTEK's IAC200 2–4 Channel Summing Junction Box will collect the individual load cell measurements, sending the final weigh-in to either our IHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display or IPM650 Panel Mount Display.

  5. Watch the IPM650's extraordinary performance and resolution here.

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