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Multi-axis Sensor - Simulator Force Feedback (710)

Application Summary

The goal of any flight simulator is to create the most realistic environment possible and comply with applicable regulations such as 14 CFR 60 from the FAA. As simulators move away from hydraulic towards electromechanical actuators, a greater amount of fidelity is now available to simulate reality. This requires high accuracy load cells and torque sensors to provide closed loop, force feedback for these actuators.

Products in Use

Customized load cells and torque sensors designed to integrate seamlessly into electromechanical actuators.

Simulator Force Feedback
How it Works
  1. Load cells and torque sensors are integrated directly into the actuators moving the simulator.

  2. These sensors measure the forces and moments generated by the actuators.

  3. The sensor’s signals are sent to the control system via analog and digital amplifiers to provide closed loop control feedback and emulate a realistic flight environment.

  4. Additionally, 3DoF and 6DoF sensors can be incorporated into the pilot controls to provide closed-loop Haptic control in parallel with actuation system.

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