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Pressure Sensor - Ghost Containment Monitoring

Application Summary

When the Ghostbusters capture a ghost in the field, it is placed in a Ghost Trap. No ghost wants to stay trapped, so they attempt to escape by exerting pressure on the trap wall. The Ghostbusters use FUTEK’s PFT510 pressure sensor to monitor pressure in the trap and adjust the containment field appropriately.

Products in Use

One PFT510 Flush Mount Diaphragm Miniature Pressure Sensor 

Ghost Containment Monitoring
How it Works
  1. Once the Ghostbusters have locked a ghost (a Class V Full-Roaming Vapor or weaker) into place with a one or more confinement beams, they need to capture it. This is where their patented Ghost Trap comes into play.

  2. Once inside the trap, the ghost is broken down and held in place with a laser containment grid.

  3. However, no ghost wants to stay trapped for eternity, so they attempt to break free from their prison by reforming themselves.

  4. The reforming process exerts pressure on the trap walls which is measured by the PFT510 Pressure Sensor.

  5. The pressure measurement is then fed into the trap’s controller enabling it to adjust its containment field in real time.

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