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Pressure Sensor - Hybrid Rocket Propulsion Pressure Monitoring (502)

Application Summary

Pressure monitoring is a critical feature in the design, testing, and operation of Hybrid Rocket Engines. With gaseous or liquid components, rapid pressure spikes in the system can cause catastrophic failure. With monitoring systems in place, complex actions can be taken before failure or activation of pressure relief systems, preserving the system and the mission. Additionally, pressure monitoring can provide feedback on the performance of the system, allowing for system optimization. Typical pressure sensors on the market are limited to a 1kHz natural frequency, whereas the PFT510 series features natural frequencies between 6 kHz and 100 kHz

Products in Use

FUTEK’s Miniature Flush Mount Pressure Sensor (PFT Series) coupled with high bandwidth, high-frequency instrumentation (IAA300 and USB530)

Hybrid Rocket Propulsion Pressure Monitoring
How it Works
  1. A PFT Series pressure sensor is threaded in and mounted flush with the inner walls of the oxidizer tank.

  2. During operation, tank pressure is measured by the pressure sensor.

  3. Output can also be streamed and logged via the USB530 to a PC running SENSIT or connected to a PLC or DAQ with the IAA300.

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