Autoclave Sensors Features

Autoclave Features
Historically, it has not been easy to incorporate force and torque sensors into sterile medical equipment. The reusable tooling used in surgical robots and power tools would normally be sterilized with high-pressure steam in an autoclave, which would leave traditional load cells and torque sensors unreliable after the first sterilization cycle. FUTEK’s engineers set out to change these limited options and create an autoclavable load cell, which brings tactile and closed loop feedbacks to sterile medical devices.
Patented Technology
FUTEK holds a patent for our unique monolithic, miniature hermetically sealed load cells. As a pioneer for subminiature sensors used in MedTech applications, this patent is a testament to FUTEK’s ongoing innovation.
Volume Production
As an OEM supplier, we know our partners require specific quantities of product on a weekly or monthly basis. FUTEK is capable of producing and shipping over 1000 units per week for our OEM customers.

Made in the USA
We are proud to say that our manufacturing headquarters are located in the United States of America. Our hands-on approach ensures that all our products are built for performance. Because we have ownership of the design and manufacturing of the process, we continue to raise our quality standards.

Peace of Mind
Our customers have peace of mind knowing that the product they receive has undergone extensive testing. Our autoclave sensors can withstand 1000+ cycles. All testing and verification is completed at our factory in Irvine, California.