List of Non-FUTEK sensors serviced by our Calibration Lab


If you can't find your sensor in this list, or have a question, please contact us to recalibrate your load cell, force sensor, or multi-axis force sensor.

Manufacturer Model Capacity
Advantage Line HI SBH04-11.25K (11.25KLB [5.1T])  
Alignment Bar 2001 5000 lb; 25K lb
Atlas Copco Smart Hi Sensor  
BHM Digital Display  
BLH Electronics/Vishay U1  
BLH Electronics/Vishay UI 20K lb
BLH Electronics/Vishay U3G1 5K lb
BLH Electronics/Vishay T3P2 20K
Celesco SP3  
Chatillon DFS  
Cheminstruments LC-13 10 LB
Cheminstruments LC-39 2 LB
Cheminstruments LC-41 10LB
Cooper PSD232-NB  
Crane Digital Display  
Cylindrical 910-198 100KN
Dataq 8B38-05  
Daytronic 3270  
Daytronic 3578  
Daytronic 3KPLUS-70  
Daytronic 5D70  
Dillon ED JUNIOR 2500lbf - 1000kgf
Dillon FI-90  
Dillon S-beam 25K
Dyna Link MSI 7200 0-2000 lb
Eaton 1102-200 200 in-oz
Firstmark Controls 160-1705-C6NS  
FUJI _03  
Group Four Transducers, Inc. 5014-007-00- 50000 kg 50KG
GSE 051133-00203  
GSE 094200-0250  
GSE 37-20-143974 200 LBS
Hanson-Whitney Scale 8930 300lb
HBM C9B 50 kN
HBM Scout 55  
Helm R320-H 400K lb
Himmelstein MCRT48007V  
Himmelstein TQW670  
Himmelstein 28002T(5-2) CFZ 500 (LBF-IN)
Himmelstein 2802TN(1-3) NN 1k lb-in
Himmelstein 28003T(1-3)NNZ 1K lbf-in
Himmelstein 28003T(2-3)-NFA 2K lbf-in
Himmelstein 39004XS(36-2)-C-F-Z 3600 lb-in
Himmelstein 48004V(5-3)-N-F-N-L 5K lbf-in
Himmelstein 79002V(1-3)-N--F-Z-L 1K lbf-in
Honeywell 1104 500 in-lbf, 2K, 250
Honeywell 1105 5K in-lb, 6K
Honeywell 1228 5K
Honeywell 1604 500 in-lbf
Honeywell 2110 6K lb
Honeywell 2404 500 in-lb
Honeywell 2404-153-7K  
Honeywell 2404-155-1K 1K in-lb
Honeywell 3132  
Honeywell 3169 2k
Honeywell 41 0-20,000lb
Honeywell 75A-500  
Honeywell Display  
Honeywell MLH05KPSB01B 5000 PSI
Honeywell RGM 50K
Houston Scientific 3500-5K SP 5000-lb
Intercomp AC100  
Intercomp JW-50 50k lb
Intercomp 110058  
Interface LBS-5  
Interface SGA  
Interface SMT1-22  
Interface WMC-1000-888  
Interface 1010ACK-2.5K-1B  
Interface 1020AF-12.5K  
Interface 121BF-5K-B  
Interface 1210-FW 10K lb
Interface 1210CMP-2K-B 2000 lb
Interface 1220AF25K-B-  
Interface 1210AF-5K-B 5Klbf
Interface 1220ACK-25-1B  
Interface 1220ACK-50K-1B 50K lbf
Interface 1244EHP-270K  
Interface 1250CDS 400K
Interface 1250EHP-400K  
Interface 1610AJH-1K-T 1K
Interface 99776A  
Jetco D130I  
Jetco IL250F-G2  
Jetco TTS-2000  
Kistler KSM026750 50 ft-lb
Kulite XTM-190-25G 25 psig
Laureate Series 2 Digital Panel Meter  
Lebow 1106-20K 20K in-lb
Lebow 1104-140-500
Lebow 1104-1K 1k
Lebow 114-200 200lb
Lebow 1701-0.2NM 0.2nm
Lebow 1701-0  
Lebow 1703 300 N-m
Lebow 2110-6K  
Lebow 2111-10K 10K in-lb
Lebow 2120-200 200 IN.OZ
Lebow 2122 10K
Lebow 2404 2K in-lb
Lebow 3124 5k 25K lb
Lebow 3132 2K, 1K, 500 lb
Lebow 3143-P-2K 2K lb
Lebow 3174-10K  
Lebow 3169 3K lb
Lebow RST-C2K 2k lb
Load Cell Central BHM  
Lord Sensing LS1-502G-3d-12-1B.  
Magtrolsa TM314  
Mark 10 BGI  
Mark 10 M5i  
Mark 10 M5-500  
Mark 10 STJ20OZ  
MD Totco 403507-0000-95 5000-lb
Measurement Systems MSI-3360 1K lb
Mecmesin AFTI  
Mecmesin AA16459  
Mecmesin ST1.5  
Micro Control LC8-300-300 KN  
Micro Control LC8-033-30KN  
Micro Control LC8-100  
Micron M20020DCV3  
Micron PDS-NB  
Microtec MT-TH1  
Mountz TWX  
Newport INFCS-000B  
N-Gineric TTH 01 10 mNm
N-Gineric NG-TTH 01-C  
Norbar Torque 16067 900 lbf.ft, 1200 N.m, 4500 lbf.ft, 6000N.m
Omega DP25B-E-A  
Omega DP25B-S-A  
Omega DP25S display
Omega dp41-e-r  
Omega DP41S-A  
Omega dp41-s  
Omega LCAE 1KG, 3KG
Omega LCA 500 lb
Omega LCCA 500 lb, 1K lb, 2 k lb, 3k, 15k
Omega LCGB 1K, 5K
Omega LCGD 5k, 50K
Omega LCH 5K
Omega LCHD 1K, 5K
Omega LCKD-100  
Omega LCR 1K, 3 k
Omega LCWD 500, 5K, 10k, 20K, 50K, 100K
Omega LC101 100, 2K, 2.5K, 20K, 25K
Omega LC201 100
Omega LC203 200, 2.5K, 5K, 10K lb
Omega LC213-300 300 LB
Omega LC307 50k lb
Omega LC712  
Omega LC8200-500 10K
Omega LC901-1/2-30K  
Omega LHD-15K  
Omega PX329-200GV  
Omega PX5500L1-1KGV 1000 psig
Omega TQ103 50 in-lb
Omega TQ513 200, 500 lb
Omega 605 100psig, 1000 psig
Omega TQ503  
PCB Piezotronics 054104-01502  
PCB Piezotronics 1322-01A 50K lb
PCB Piezotronics 8159-0012A  
Prime Scales PS-IN101  
Quantrol 55447-0088  
Red Lion EHT-110  
Red Lion PAXS0010  
Red Lion PAXS0110  
Rice Lake RL-50219SS 500lb
Rice Lake RL20000I 25 lbs
Rinstrum R323  
RS Technologies Rotary Torque Unit 100 in-lb
Sensor Developments. Inc. 01324-014-G0B00  
Sensortronics LCF101 30K
Sensortronics 65094-500K-0-100  
Sensotec 060-6827-04  
Sensotec 3132 1K lb
Sensotec 41/574-03 10K lb
Sensotec 42/8378-01 20K lb
Sensotec 47/F252-02- 5k lb
Sensy 2960-2962-2965 10kN
Sensy 2960-FORC000021  
Stellar Technology (STI) MIN845 60k lb
Stellar Technology (STI) PNC740-100KLBTC-119 100K
Stellar Technology (STI) PNC710-20KLBTC-124 20K
Stewart Vivragauge 3000PSI
Strainsert FL25U(C)-2SPKT 25k lb
Strainsert FL50C 50K lb, 100K lb
Strainsert FL5U©-3SPKT 5k lb
Strainsert FL10U©-3SPKT 10k lb
Strainsert FL10U-2SPKT 10K lb
Strainsert FL100U( C )-2SGKT 100K lb
Texmate DI-60XE  
Transcell Technology BSS-5t  
Transducer Techniques CLC 50K, 300K lb
Transducer Techniques DPM-3  
Transducer Techniques LP0-500-PTB 500lb
Transducer Techniques LPO-3K-PTB 3000lbs
Transducer Techniques LP0-5K-PTB 500 lb, 5k
Transducer Techniques LPO-10K-DBPTB 10K
Transducer Techniques LPU 5000 lb, 1k, 3k, 7.5k, 30K
Transducer Techniques MDB 5lb, 50LB
Transducer Techniques MLC 2K, 3K, 5K, 10k
Transducer Techniques MLC-10K-MCI  
Transducer Techniques MLP 100 lb, 200lb, 300 lb, 500 lb, 750lb
Transducer Techniques PL0-500-PTB 500 lb
Transducer Techniques RST-B200 200 lb
Transducer Techniques RST-B500 200 lb, 500lb
Transducer Techniques RST-C2K-2000 in-lb 2k
Transducer Techniques SBO 300, 500
Transducer Techniques SSI  
Transducer Techniques SSM-200 200 lb
Transducer Techniques SWO 1k, 2k, 10K, 20K, 50k
Transducer Techniques SWP 2K, 3K lb
Transducer Techniques SWP-5K-4 5K lb
Transducer Techniques THA-500  
Transducer Techniques TLL 2k, 10K, 500lb
Transducer Techniques TRT 100, 25 in lb
Transducer Techniques TRS 500 in lb, 1K
Tri Coastal Industries LPC-4 1K lb
UniMeasure LX-PA-25  
Vishay BLH T3P2 0-20k lb
Vishay BLH-U1- 20K lb  


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