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Featured product articles sep-09

Featured Products
Miniature S Beam Load Cell (LSB200)
The LSB200 is now offered with FUTEK’s “No Risk Lifetime Warranty” due to its dynamic functionalities and miniature size. This Miniature S-Beam Load Cell has become one of the signature products in the FUTEK Load Cell Series and is capable of servicing numerous applications and is used industry wide. One industry the LSB200 is often used in is the Medical Industry where it has been commonly used in Medical Bag Weighing Applications as well as automated feedback control and inline processing applications. This product offers a perfect mixture of size, accuracy and the assurance of an overload protection feature making this one of our most sought after models. With a height of only 0.75”, the LSB200 Miniature S Beam Load Cell is a great selection where tight environments or space is a challenge. LSB200 S-Beam Jr. Load Cell is also available with a brand new USB Digital Interface with 16 bits resolution.
Pancake Load Cell (LCF400)
FUTEK is pleased to present the improved LCF400 Load Cell. The design is now being offered with a brand new USB Digital Interface and is the newest product to be added to the FUTEK USB Sensor Solutions Product Line. Along with its USB output and metric threads capabilities, the LCF400 features structural changes and complete welding which drastically improves this models output symmetry and accuracy. The model is offered in 250 to 5,000 lbs, various outputs (3 mV/V, +/-5VDC, +/-10VDC, 4-20 mA), and uses heat-treated 17-4 Stainless Steel construction for optimal performance. The LCF400 has advantages of zero-joint failure, low impact due to extraneous loads, and has the capability of handling off center loading more efficiently and effectively. Model LCF400 is a Threaded inline Load Cell that has an exceptional flexure design to resist high extraneous loads.
Rotary Torque Sensor (TRS600)
FUTEK’s Rotary Torque Sensor - Non contact shaft to shaft offers a unique solution for torque auditing applications. The TRS600 Rotary Torque Sensor - Non contact shaft to shaft is available in several capacities ranging from 9in-lbs. (1Nm) to 885 in-lbs. (100Nm) and utilizes strain gauge technology. This particular sensor is a non-contact (slip ring free) Rotary Torque Sensor which uses the inductance for power and output signals. The TRS600 is built with an internal shunt to simulate 5VDC. Other specs include up to 12,000rpm between 1-10Nm and up to 9,000rpm between capacities of 20-100 Nm. This rotary torque sensor also has a nonlinearity to 0.2%, CE Compliant, Feathered keyways to DIN 6885 standards and bonded foil strain gauge technology. Applications include engine or drive train testing, hinge or crank life cycle testing, roll forming process control and test stands. If an encoder is needed, please see FUTEK model TRS605.
Tri-Axial Load Cell (MTA400)
The MTA400 Tri-Axial Load Cell offers an excellent solution for measuring Fx, Fy, and Fz loads. This Multi Component/Multi Axial Load Cell is made from 7075 Aircraft Quality Aluminum making the sensor lightweight and weighing 2 lbs. The MTA400 has a capacity of 250 lbs on its Fx and Fy axis and 500 lbs on its Fz axis. With a high accuracy of 0.25% and low cross talk, the MTA400 is ideal for any applications where multi component measurements are required. The MTA400 has a deflection of Fz 0.0015 in. and Fx, Fy 0.004 in. Similar to our entire Multi-Component Load Cell product line this model is manufactured in USA and uses metal foil strain gauge technology. Applications include robotics, platforms, scales, trailer hitches, and wind tunnel testing. FUTEK also offers a submersible version of the MTA400 for applications involving liquids.
Signal Conditioner Amplifier (CSG110)
The CSG110 Signal Conditioner Amplifier featured with Din Rail Mount is FUTEK’s solution for in-line amplifier of any full bridge strain gauge type sensor with 0.5 – 4.0 mV/V range output to provide +/-5 or +/-10 VDC and/or 4-20, 0-20, 5-25 mA signal with built-in regulated bridge excitation source and jumper selectable outputs. The Strain Gage Amplifier has an ABS-94HB housing with custom molded mating DB9 female connector and cable assembly for power output side and DB9 Male connector for sensor side. The amplifier can utilize a wide range power ranging from 12 to 24 VDC. FUTEK’s standard CSG110 has 1KHz filter and we also offer 3, 5 and 11KHz with an interchangeable socket mounted shunt cal which is externally accessible through and activation button. Other features include and internal span and offset adjust resistor locations and sensor polarity reversal jumpers. This amplifier is compact in size weighing 1.4 oz and is designed and manufactured by FUTEK in the U.S.
DB9 Connector (IAC150)
The female DB-9 to 9-position terminal block adapter provides connection points for all of the DB-9's pins. They can be used for practically any application requiring a female DB-9 connector. Separate connection points are provided for all 9 positions of the connector. Terminal block design with set screws provides reliable electrical connections utilizing no special tools. Other features include D Subminiature male or female with screw terminal connectors, easy connection system without having to deal with soldering, and mates with FUTEK’s CSG110, IBT500 or any other D Subminiature connectors. The IAC150 is to be used with our amplifiers since they come with DB-9 connectors giving customers the opportunity to wire your system any way you choose.
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