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IAA Family Solutions IAA100

The IAA100 is FUTEK’s premiere voltage strain gauge amplifier solution. The IAA100 is fast, featuring up to 25 kHz of bandwidth. The small, narrow design allows for two IAA strain gauge amplifiers to fit in the same space that would normally only accommodate one instrument. We included removable screw terminals to allow for additional sensors to be easily swapped in. Our IAA100 also boasts 256 Selectable Shunt Combinations: 30kΩ, 43.7kΩ, 60.4kΩ, 87.6kΩ, 100kΩ, 150kΩ, 300kΩ, 432kΩ (DIP Switch). Read more highlighted features below. Or check out our spec sheet for more information.
256 Shunt Selections
Shunt resistors allow our users to simulate measurements, verifying whether their sensor(s) still meet their initial specs. All of our strain gauge amplifiers feature 8 shunt resistors, which offer our users up to 256 different shunt combinations.
Screw Terminal Connectors
Our team evaluated all opportunities to improve function and performance. All of our strain gauge amplifiers feature a screw terminal. Not only do they decrease noise, but they also are easier to use.
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