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IAA Family Solutions IAA300

The IAA300 differential strain gauge amplifier is FUTEK’s newest addition to our amplifier family. Our IAA300 is the fastest available amplifier we have to offer with up to 50 kHz of bandwidth. We understand that not all of our customer’s applications are conducted in lab-like situations, so our engineers ensure that the IAA300 differential strain gauge amplifier features ultra low output noise. We also ensured that the IAA300 is field configurable with easily adjustable dip switches, so you don’t have to carry your tool belt to make adjustments. Read more highlighted features below. Or check out our spec sheet for more information.
Selectable Bandwidth
Having options means more flexibility and versatility of a product. The IAA300 has five selectable bandwidths at 100 Hz, 1000 Hz, 10000 Hz, 25000 Hz, and 50000 Hz. So depending on the response speed required per your application, feel free to adjust the bandwidth as needed.
Certified and Approved
Sealed with the approval of both CE and RoHS certifications, all of our strain gauge amplifiers are compatible for even the most sensitive of applications including medical. Manufactured with the end-user in mind, FUTEK produces all of our strain gauge amplifiers in a clean certified environment.
Multi Axis Sensor, Force, Torque
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