IDA Family Solutions Features

The IDA100 digitally configurable amplifier was inspired by core features of both our USB220 high speed USB output module and IAA100 analog output amplifier. With this new amplifier, FUTEK offers a robust package capable of a simultaneous output of an amplified analog signal and digital signal over USB.
Dual Output
The IDA100 offers users the unique ability to have both an amplified analog output and amplified digital output. The analog output has a bandwidth of 1 kHz, while the digital output has a variable bandwidth of the selected sampling rate / 4.
Powered On by USB
Understanding that traditional power supplies introduce noise to an application, our electrical engineers designed the IDA100 to power on via the 5V USB connector. This will minimize the interference of noise into your sensor platform.
Selectable Excitation Voltages
This digital amplifier has a bipolar output with software selectable excitation voltages of ±5 or ±10 VDC. This feature provides the user select the appropriate voltage for their desired resolution.
Durable Construction
Similar to our IAA analog amplifier series, the IDA100 was also designed with an integrated 35 mm DIN rail clip. The high retention USB connector ensures that the power supply to the IDA100 will not be jeopardized should the connector experience a tug or pull during use.