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IHH500 Series Features


High Accuracy
Accuracy is an integral part of data retention and analysis. Implementing FUTEK’s IHH500 into your platform guarantees you an accuracy of 0.001%.
24 Bit Resolution
FUTEK improved the internal resolution of the IHH500 to 24 Bits. These results in improve data collection on your end.
4,800 Samples/Second
The speed and precision of the IHH500 is very impressive. With the processor gathering 4,800 samples per second, you will have plenty of measurable data.
Heightened Specs
Compared to our previous handheld display, the IHH200, this model’s specifications have vastly improved.
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LCD Display
Readability and legibility of data on an instrument is a necessity. That led FUTEK toward implementing LCD optics to illuminate our IHH500 screen.
Rechargeable Battery
FUTEK designed the IHH500 to house a rechargeable battery, able to provide up to 24 hours worth of power.
Made in USA
FUTEK is very proud of designing and assembling our products at our headquarters in Irvine, California, USA.
Aluminum Frame
Realizing that the IHH500 will be operating in various environments, we chose an aluminum housing to protect it from the elements.
Many applications call for TEDS compatibility. Fortunately, FUTEK’s IHH500 easily marries to any sensor with TEDS template 30 or 33.
CE & RoHS Approved
FUTEK intentionally uses CE approved and RoHS approved complaint materials to construct the IHH500. It is completely certified to work in medical testing environments.
Input / Output
The versatility of the IHH500 can also be seen in its multiple input and output options. Compatible with analog current, analog voltage and strain gauge inputs, this Handheld Display works with both strain gauge amplified and non-amplified sensors.
This input is compatible with Amplified Current Output Sensors
This input is compatible with Amplified Voltage Output Sensors
This input is compatible with Strain Gauge Output Sensors
This input is compatible with TTL Encoder Output Sensors
Precision Analog Voltage Output
Precision Analog Current Output
Precision USB “Plug & Play” Output
Precision TEDS Output
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