In-line Load Cell Features

FUTEK’s LCM Series provides users with the ultimate In-Line sensor solution. Our engineering and quality assurance teams have poured their heightened levels of attention and detail into the design and production of these In-Line Load Cells. The eight standard models that FUTEK offers expand over a broad capacity range, various outer diameter, and multiple thread options. Additionally, this load cell line also allow for customizations to fulfill your application’s unique requirements.
Large Capacity
FUTEK’s In-Line Load Cell Series offers an impressive capacity range from 1000 g to 20,000 lb. Our engineering teams developed such an expansive range so as not to limit the number of applications each model could be utilized in.
Of the eight LCM solutions, six models are either ultra light miniatures or sub-miniatures. This leaves two additional, more robust, models for applications requiring either higher capacities or higher stiffness.
Threads Options
The LCM Line offers 12 different thread options. Again, bearing in mind the variances between different applications, FUTEK’s engineers designed and developed this In-Line Series for versatility.
Strain Relief Cables
This series is constructed with strain relief cables to ensure the reliability and longevity of our product. We took this precautionary step knowing that cable tearing is a common occurrence within several operating environments.
Tension & Compression Measurements
As an In-Line tension and/or compression tool, the LCM Series is designed for endurance measurements. Due to its design, applications utilizing this series should avoid any possibility of side load, as side loads may negatively affect the unit itself.
Compatible Instrumentation
FUTEK’s LCM Series is compatible with all of FUTEK’s instruments and software. From our Panel Mount Display to our Handheld Digital Display to our Universal Amplifier to our USB Solutions, all instruments operate seamlessly with the LCM models.
Multi Axis Sensor, Force, Torque
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