Instruments & amplifiers

Achieve the lowest noise and highest resolution on the smallest possible real estate. Our innovative electronics deliver maximum performance for your sensor solution.

System diagram showing a legacy sensor solution where the sensor is connected to power and an amplifier/signal conditioner, connected to a DAQ/PLC, connected to a computer. Compare that to a system where the sensor is connected to a USB Series instrument that connects directly to the computer.

FUTEK’s end-to-end solutions streamline and optimize your sensor solution at a lower cost than legacy systems.

Made to measure

Our systems have been designed and manufactured to achieve a next-level performance that is unmatched within the measurement industry.

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Plug and play

FUTEK’s groundbreaking USB amplifiers offer a modern, single-unit turn-key solution that eliminates the need for external circuitry and power supply.

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A new standard for precision

The industry-leading IAA series combines unsurpassed accuracy with ease of integration.

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Higher performance & multi-purpose

All-in-one standalone solution with super-fast sampling rate and high resolution helps maximize transducer performance to lower noise and improve precision.

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Integration and calibration in one

By purchasing a turnkey FUTEK solution, you will cut the learning curve, save time and avoid hidden costs.

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Multi Axis Sensor, Force, Torqueinstruments
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