Load Button Features

FUTEK’s Load Button Load Cells are known for their performance features. The level of attention and detail that has gone into the design and production of these load cells exceeds the highest industrial standards. With many variations in outer diameter size and profile height, the models within this line of sensors can fit many engineering specifications.
Numerous Capacity Possibilities
Capacity possibilities within a load cell family are often a deciding factor as to whether or not that series can fulfill your application’s requirements. Fortunately, FUTEK’s Load Button Load Cell Series offers an impressive capacity range from 1000 g to 50000 lb.
Resistant to Extraneous Loads
The installation and/or mounting of a load cell can sometimes make or break the longevity of the application. Our engineers developed our LLB Series to withstand some extraneous load during these critical periods.
Internal Compensation
Unique to our LLB130 model is an internal zero balance compensation along with temperature shift zero compensation. This feature is built into the miniature canister design so engineers and technicians do not have to worry about affecting the compensation when cutting the sensor cable.
Resistant to Extraneous Loads
At FUTEK we vow to have a large number of models in stock. Most of our Load Button Load Cells are ready to ship because we understand that our customers value a short lead time and a fast delivery.
Strain Gauge Technology
Our Load Button Load Cells utilize strain gauge technology to achieve impeccable consistency and accuracy. Every single load cell is individually tested and calibrated prior to delivery to ensure the highest quality standards.
Achieve Higher Accuracy
Our engineering team understands that high precision and accuracy are important in a test and measurement system. FUTEK’s Load Button LLB Line, when paired with instrumentation, can provide you with high precision results.
Multi Axis Sensor, Force, Torque
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