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LSB200 S-Beam Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty
As an addendum in our efforts to produced the best in test and measurement products and services, FUTEK chose to include a “No Risk Lifetime Warranty” with each and every purchased LSB200 miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell.

Beginning in September of 2009, this Lifetime Warranty covers all manufacture defects on all standard stock LSB200 models. So whether its a 10 gram capacity LSB200 shipped to Germany or a 100 lb. capacity model being used in our neighboring country Canada, the Lifetime Warranty extends globally to all customers who have purchased a S-Beam Jr. Load Cell model post September 1, 2009.

FUTEK also offers a one-year period for customers to return units should they fail to meets the project’s requirements with the option of unit replacement or full refund. An evaluation will take place prior to the shipment of the replacement unit or the refund is administered. All returned units must be in good condition.

There are no exclusions on this warranty, as long as the LSB200 ordered is a stock standard model. Any modifications or customizations made to the model, flexure cover, or cable exempt your unit from this warranty.

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FUTEK is not liable for any collateral or consequential damages resulting from the use of our sensors, whether they are operating properly or not. FUTEK's sole liability shall be the value of the sensor which will be covered under normal warranty policies. “Manufacturing Defects” excludes failures resulting from customer misuse of the sensors, overloading, physical damage and abuse as determined by FUTEK's evaluation of the returned sensor. FUTEK may exercise this warranty by replacing or repairing the covered sensors, at its option on manufacturing defects. This warranty is not applicable to Instruments, Services or Accessories.
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