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The LSM300 High Precision Load Cell (also known as the Belt Buckle Load Cell) offers an impressive lightweight design with an easy side mounting feature making it ideal for OEM applications. Utilized in both tension and compression measurements, the LSM300 has a length of 1.80", width of 0.50" and a height of 1.40" making it well suited for tight spaces. This load cell is offered in 2024 Aluminum (2.2 – 100 lb.) or 17-4PH Stainless Steel (200 – 500 lb.). Additional design features include a built-in overload protection providing the unit over 10 times the capacity that could take place during installation. As a part of FUTEK’s original product line, the LSM300 High Accuracy Load Cell can be modified or customized to meet your requirements. Similar to our entire load cell product line, this model is manufactured in the U.S. and uses metal foil strain gauge technology. FUTEK LSM Series is available with TEDS / IEEE1451.4 options incorporating the calibration data to eliminate data entry mistakes by the operator during installation.
Product Highlights:
•  Ideal for OEM Applications
•  Tension & Compression
•  Single Point Construction
•  Built-in Overload Protection
•  Strain Gauge Based
•  1000 Ohm High Resistance Bridge
•  Available in both Aluminum and Stainless Steel
•  Weight: 1 – 3 oz.
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Z540-1 ANSI Certified17025 ISO Certified9001 ISO Certified13485 ISO CertifiedU.S. Manufacturer
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