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Test & Measurement Suite
FUTEK believes that your test and measurement platform is more than merely a sensor plus an instrument. A platform should also include the software that collects, graphs and interprets your data. Therefore, FUTEK developed a software that does just that. Allow us to introduce SENSIT Test and Measurement - a load cell software suite that expands the capabilities of a traditional sensor platform into an ultimate test-measurement solution.
Working with a USB Output
With the introduction of our USB Technology, FUTEK designed the SENSIT software to capture all of your test and measurement data. SENSIT Test and Measurement Software displays the Peak/Valley, Tare/Gross and allows full data logging and live graphing capabilities.
Working with a Handheld
Keeping in mind our additional instrument lines, FUTEK expanded SENSIT Test and Measurement Load Cell Software to provide the same data analysis for our IHH500 Handheld Display as it does for our USB Solutions.
Working with a Panel Mount
FUTEK expanded the SENSIT Test and Measurement Software to work alongside our panel mount display: the IPM650. Pairing SENSIT with the IPM650 allows users to ability to remote access the display, as well as graph and log data.

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