Miniature Torque Sensors

Miniature Solutions Series
Miniature Torque Sensors
FUTEK's Miniature Torque Sensors are designed for static and dynamic applications where the sensor remains stationary (reaction torque application uses). These sensors can be used in numerous industrial environments, but are often utilized to measure peak or slip torque.
Reaction Tarque Models
FUTEK offers two models from our reaction torque series for industrial and OEM applications. Both sensors can be used for clockwise or counter clockwise movements. Additional accessories such as square adapters are used for integration.
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  • OEM Type
  • Outside Ø : 1.20" [30.5 mm]
  • 2X #6-32-2B Inside Thread
  • 20 in-oz to 100 in-lb
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  • Industrial Type
  • Outside Ø : 1.48" [37.59 mm]
  • Inside Ø : 0.58" [14.73 mm]
  • 100 in-lb to 3,000 in-lb
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  • Outside Ø: 1.98" [50.2 mm]
  • Inside Ø: 0.50-0.66" [12.8-16.8 mm]
  • 5 in-oz to 500 in-lb.
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  • Outside Ø: 2.23" [56.64 mm]
  • Inside Ø: 0.75" [19.1 mm]
  • 100 in-lb.
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TAT200 Miniature Electrical Torque Screwdriver
FUTEK's TAT200 is a Miniature Torque Screwdriver for measurements in 50 in-oz to 100 in-oz. The body of the sensor is protected by an anodized aluminum housing and the entire sensor only weighs in at 3 oz.
  • 1/4" Square Drive
  • Outside Ø : 0.61" [15.4 mm]
  • 2.75" [69.9 mm] body length
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