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Mini Load Button Bundle
With FUTEK's Miniature Load Button Bundle (LLB130) you are able to get an out of the box package that is plug & play ready. Model LLB130 is a Miniature Load Button designed for Press, or Inline compression applications. This package includes an option between our 44.5 N (10 lbs) , 111 N (25 lbs) and 222 N (50 lbs) capacity. The bundle offers the LLB130 with a full System Calibration ready for use with USB output and our extended USB Software giving you Data Logging capability.
LLB130 Chart

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** Values based on Room temperature & control environment.
LLB130 Miniature Load Button
The LLB130 Miniature Load Button model is made from a robust 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, with a subminiature 0.38 inch (9.65 mm) outside diameter, 0.13 (3.3 mm) height. Although Miniature Load Button are traditionally not known for their high accuracy, FUTEK engineers have dispelled this concept by continuously improving the accuracy of this product. The LLB130 is also internally compensated. The internal compensation offers a great benefit to customer who need to cut the cable since it won't affect the temperature compensation or zero balance of the unit.

FUTEK’s Subminiature Load Button Load Cell (LLB) Series are manufactured in USA. Application of this unique model varies from fully automatic production centers, measuring and controlling equipment to precision mechanics, tool manufacturing and apparatus engineering. With small dimensions, the LLB130 can be used in various fields on industry and laboratories. The miniature Load Cell is easy to handle and enables a relatively uncomplicated installation. Because of the small dimensions, they are well suited for the use in very restricted structures for both static and dynamic measurements.
LLB130 Directions
USB Solution
FUTEK is amongst the first Sensor Manufacturers globally to offer a USB Solution for Strain Gauge Sensors. With FUTEK’s USB Sensor Solution, you can eliminate the need for amplifiers, filters, and multimeters. The set up is quick and with the LLB130 Bundle we are able to offer a complete package of:
  • USB Kit for digital measurement
  • System Calibration
  • Extended USB Software with Data Logging capability

The plug & play capability gives you power to monitor the output of the Sensor on your PC/Laptop without any worries of noise, temperature variation or power supply requirement. Our USB Kit was designed completely by FUTEK Engineers at our Irvine Headquarter in Orange County (California). With a Sampling rate of 5 Hz / 10 Hz and a 16 bit Resolution, the USB Kit offers attractive features to consider instead of a Traditional Sensor System platform.
LLB130 Diagram
USB Software (Extended Version)
As FUTEK Engineers began working on our USB Solution, we understood how critical it would be to provide a reliable Software Solution to go hand in hand with our USB Technology. FUTEK offers our Extended USB Software with the purchase of each LLB130 Bundle that has integrated our proprietary USB Technology. The Extended USB Software features
  • Up to 8 Channels
  • Tracking Mode
  • Peak/ Valley Mode
  • Tare/Gross
  • Sampling Rate
  • Sampling, Moving, & Mean Average
  • Unit Conversion
Math Functions
  • Sum Channel
  • Math Channel
Data Logging
  • Data Logging
  • Peak Utility
  • Valley Utility
  • Export Data
  • Graph from File
  • Live Graph
  • Peak Mode
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