Corona Virus Summer Update

The safety and wellbeing of our team have always been a top priority for us.

Friends of FUTEK,


This mindset helped us respond quickly to the Covid-19 crisis, as we implemented the necessary health and safety protocols in February. Since then, our business has been fully operational and we’re immensely grateful that our team has remained safe. Now that other businesses in our community are reopening, we have had a head start in implementing safety measures. It's extremely important for us to rigorously maintain our practices, which comply with, or exceed, the guidelines of the Cal/OSHA Authority and California Department of Public Health. This is an ongoing battle and we’re committed to maintaining a safe environment at FUTEK’s facilities to continue keep our team healthy while serving our customers. Here are some of the precautions we take:


  • We have a work site-specific Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.
  • Our workplace compliance is evaluated daily by a designated team and reported to management.
  • We have published and implemented an extensive protocol for sanitization of public spaces, complete with mandatory checklists.
  • We continuously provide training and refresher training through our Intranet communication system.
  • All team members must wear PPE and have temperature checked upon entering as well as at random times. 
  • Team members are instructed to remain at home should they show any possible symptoms of the virus and are compensated for those sick days. 
  • We provide the appropriate masks and gloves. Proper use of face coverings is constantly reinforced through posters, Intranet reminders and peer reminders.
  • We have limited in-person team member contact wherever possible while maintaining internal support as required.
  • We have posted messages to promote and require social distancing.
  • Visitors are restricted and our team is fully instructed to follow visitors’ rules should they require face-to-face
  • meetings. An external mailbox has been installed at the front entrance to eliminate unnecessary entries



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