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For many industries, OEM Solutions are an integral element for productive business. You rely on your OEM manufacturer to sustain your business practices. At FUTEK, we understand the vitality in needing sensor solutions that are high quantity and reasonable affordable. Taking the OEM route with FUTEK means that we will work with you to find a solution that is efficient, high performance, and cost effective.
We understand that trust is the foundation between you and your OEM manufacturer. For that reason, certifications and accreditations play a vital role. Your OEM Manufacturer should not only comply with your quality standards, but those set highlyacclaimed international organizations like ISO.
Made in U.S.A
We are very proud of the fact that a vast number of our products are designed and manufactured by our esteemed team in Irvine, California, USA. Our hands on approach ensures an end product built for performance. With ownership of the design and manufacturing of the process, we are able to continuously push quality standards.
Direct to Stock
The beauty of partaking in an OEM partnership with FUTEK is that the quality and caliber of our product will never be jeopardized. Thorough “quality” checks are performed on EACH sensor as they make their way through our production line. This means once you receive our shipment, you can rest assure that they are fit to go directly into your stock.
System Integration
OEM relationships are typically long-term relationships. This means that these OEM solutions are most likely written into your production specifications. Because of this big commitment, FUTEK encourages prospective OEM customer to consult with our team. Ask us your questions. Voice any concerns. Because at the end of the day, we want you to be 100% confident with your decision to integrate FUTEK into your system.
Delivery Schedule
On-time delivery makes or breaks an OEM relationship. Why? Because no one wants to stop production on account of their sensor manufacturer. That being the case, FUTEK’s vow to customer service not only includes the quality of product, but the timeliness of the product’s delivery. Reliability is key for FUTEK, from the product to our technical support to our shipment.
Cost Effective
FUTEK understands and recognizes that cost is a major factor in the OEM purchasing process. Because of this, we make a great effort to provide the most cost efficient solutions for our OEM partners. So whether your order is for 100 pieces every month or 100 pieces every year, we will work toward a reasonable solution that fits your projects parameters.
Multi Axis Sensor, Force, Torque
Z540-1 ANSI Certified17025 ISO Certified9001 ISO Certified13485 ISO CertifiedU.S. Manufacturer
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