Rotary Torque Sensors Features

Rotary Torque Series
Among our extensive list of sensors is an impressive array of strain gauge Rotary Torque Sensors. With model options including Rotary Drive, Rotary Hex, and Rotary Shaft-to-Shaft, our engineers and operators are sure to find an appropriate sensor that fits your application requirements. FUTEK's Rotary Sensors, which have a large capacity range, are compatible with our USB Solutions, Digital Displays, Universal Amplifiers, and SENSIT Software.
Go High, Go Low
Every application has its own unique requirements. That is why we offer a wide variety Rotary Torque Sensors ranging from 0.5 Nm up to 1000 Nm. Each Sensor is offered with compatible accessories, instruments and calibration service by our accredited laboratory, giving you complete control over building the perfect system.
Some systems are used in laboratories, while others are operating in the demanding environments. Regardless of your environment, you shouldn’t have to worry about changing your platform. Which is why FUTEK offers standard output options of mV/V, VDC or USB on our Rotary Torque Sensors.
50000 RPM
Our Rotary Torque Sensors offer complete versatility for every speed range. By offering a Max Rotations Per Minute (RPM) of 50000 these Rotary Torque Sensors can be integrated into various application environments.
High Accuracy
Our engineers stand by every measurement and can claim high accuracy across the board because we believe in quality. From design to testing, we utilize the best components to offer you the highest accuracy.
Size Options
FUTEK offers numerous size options to help you select a sensor that is fitted to your application environment. Whether you have a small area to work with or open space, you’ll find plenty of options for your system platform.
Robust Structure
Using the most rigid stainless steel, FUTEK’s Rotary Torque Sensors are designed around a robust housing that is made to withstand the most enduring application environments.
Strain Gauge Technology
Our Rotary Torque Sensors utilize Strain Gauge Technology ensuring the highest accuracy and measurement consistency. These components have been tested in rigorous environments where quality and longevity is critical.
A number of our Rotary Torque Sensors are equipped with Encoders designed to measure Rotational/Linear displacement, Angle or RPM. This is an ideal solution for applications involving Threaded Fastener Tightening or Performance Verification.
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