S-Beam Load Cell Applications

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LSB Series Applications
The LSB Series is specifically designed for In-Line endurance testing; and is versatile enough to fit applications unique, especially in the medical field. Examples of applications utilizing these load cells are industrial automation, medical bag-weighing, and wire tension measurements. The LSB Series fits In-Line applications that require precision measurements, without the anticipation of side loads.
Medical Bag Weighing
Medical applications require the utmost precision. In IV or saline bag weighing, highprecision, In-Line load cells are needed. For this application, FUTEK’s LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Load Cell will measure the tension force applied by an IV bag ...

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Wire Tension Measurement
Wire tension measurement is an integral part for manufacturers of fibers, cables, and even textile fabrics. This method of measurement allows manufactures to ensure their products fit their requirements ...

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Linear Test Stand
Many industries use test fixtures to measure their presses or impact stands. FUTEK’s LSB200 Load Cell is suitable for applications needing precise lower capacity impact test measurements ...

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Multihead Weigher
Load Cells and Force Sensors are commonly used to automate production lines. By using these sensors, production engineers are better able to control the automation process and improve their overall quality ...

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Automation Container Filling
FUTEK’s load cells are designed to fit applications like industrial automation container filling and/or weighing. A load cell is installed in an automation line to help monitor equal distribution through packaging ...

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