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FUTEK’s line of USB force sensor amplifiers is a modern, single-unit solution that eliminates the need for external amplifiers (or force sensor signal conditioners), filters, ADC module, and power supply. The USB digital load cell amplifier is powered by the PC USB 2.0 bus, which provides excitation voltage for the force sensor. The USB Family handles voltage and current amplified inputs (±10 VDC / 4-20 mA), mV/V input as well as Encoder TTL signals encountered in rotary torque sensors.


The sampling rate can be configured up to 4800 SPS (Samples per Second), which is suitable for high-frequency applications where the quantification of forces and moments requires high sampling rates. All USB signal conditioners start at an internal resolution of 24 bits, and up to 21 Bits noise-free resolution. 


The easy plug-and-play set up is quick and the total cost is lower when compared to a traditional sensor system. 


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