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Setting the Target Torque


Setting the Target Torque
With the 'Target Torque' feature the user can set a 'Target Torque' value. Then using the ' Target Zone' feature the user can select a range around the 'Target Torque' value that that will be in the 'Target Zone'.

The display has three settings...
Below the Target Zone (Indicated by a Yellow light)
In the Target Zone (Indicated by the Green light)
Above the Target Zone (indicated by a Red light)
  1. Set the Target Torque to 100.0 by using the Plus and Minus
  2. Set the Target Zone to 10% by Holding the Power button and pressing the Minus button.
  • When torque reading is under 90.00 (10% of 100) the yellow light will be on.
  • When torque reading is above 90.00 and below 110.0 (+/-10% of 100) the light will be on.
  • When torque reading is above 110.0 the Red light will come on.
NOTE: When setting the Target Torque value the target on the bottom right of the display will be illuminated. When setting the Target Zone the '%' on the display will be illuminated.
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