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Pressure Sensor (OEM)

The PMP410 Pressure Sensor (OEM) provides performance and economy for a wide range of OEM applications. They are especially suited to applications subject to severe mechanical shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference.  The PMP410 features an all-welded stainless steel measuring cell for improved media compatibility. There are no internal soft sealing materials that may react with the media or deteriorate over time. 

A standard signal output of 4-20 mA allows the PMP410 to be integrated into many existing applications. Many custom signal outputs, process connections, and electrical connections are available. Each is individually temperature compensated to assure accuracy and long-term stability even when exposed to severe temperature variations.

Model Features
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FSH02854 100 in. of water Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02862 5 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02863 10 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02864 25 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02865 60 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02866 100 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02867 300 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02868 500 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02869 1000 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02870 2000 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02871 3000 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02872 5000 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH02873 10000 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH03007 15 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH03008 15 PSIA Absolute 1/4 NPT
FSH03054 150 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH03228 100 in. of water Gage 1/4 NPT
FSH03379 15 PSIA Absolute 1/8 NPT
FSH03383 300 PSI Gage 7/16-20
FSH03384 1000 PSI Gage 7/16-20
FSH03385 10000 PSI Gage 7/16-20
FSH03509 60 PSI Gage 1/4 NPT
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