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Item No. FSH02048
Model: ASW500 , IPM490/IPM500/IBT490/IBT500 Software, Peak, Tare, Data Logging, Requires RS232/USB Option on Display and Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH02236
Model: IAC150 , Screw Terminal to DB9 Board , DB9 Male , Sensor Side of CSG110
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH02237
Model: IAC150 , Screw Terminal to DB9 Board , DB9 Female , Power/Output Side of CSG110 & ICA105
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH02450
Model: IAC160 , TEDS Female DB9 Adapter Board , Used on IPM500
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH02465
Model: ZCO920, DB9 Male w/ TEDS Kit , Attached & Program to the end of the cable of a Load, Torque, or Pressure Sensor , Material - Plastic , TEDS (IEEE1451.4) Plug & Play Kit
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH02625
Model: ZCC982 , 7 ft Long , RS232 DB9 Female To Pigtail For IAC500 , Connector / Cable Assembly For IPM500/IPM490 w/ TEDS option
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03088
Model: IAC180 , Power Supply Kit for CSG110 , w/ Female IAC150 Screw Terminal Adaptor & 5 ft Long , Standard , Includes 90-264 VAC Input/15 VDC Output Power Supply
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03096
Model: ZCC984 , 7 ft Long , 8 Pin Binder to RS232 DB9 Cable Assembly , Silver Satin Flat Cable , For Use with IHH200
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03134
Model: ZCO930 , Binder w/ TEDS Kit for IHH200 , Male Plug 09 0113 70 05 , Attached & Program to the end of the cable of a Load, Torque, or Pressure Sensor , TEDS (IEEE1451.4) Plug & Play Kit
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03189
Model: SENSIT Test and Measurement Software Suite Version 2.9 for use with IDA100, IHH500, IPM650, USBXXX. Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11. One License Required Per Seat (Contact factory for quantity pricing).
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03320
Model: ZCO940 , Connector Plug Kit for USB215/USB220/USB320. Includes 12 pos. connector plug and appropriate size bushing (4.0, 4.5, 5.0). One Connector Kit included with the purchase of any USB215, USB220, or USB320.
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03474
Model: Set of Protection Caps for Female Connectors on IHH200 Display
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03569
Model: APA200 , Power Supply Kit for IHH500 , Interchangeable Plugs , 100-240 VAC Input / 12 VDC Output Power Supply , 18 W , 5 ft Long
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03572
Model: IHH500/IPM650 Analog Output/Alarm/Relays Connector Cable, RoHS Compliant, 5 ft Long
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03583
Model: IHH500 Accessory Kit , Pelican Case , Software (FSH03189) , USB Cable , Support Bracket , Analog/Alarm Mating Connector , Sensor Mating Connector
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03585
Model: ZCO930 , Binder w/ TEDS Kit for IHH500 & ZCC994 , Male Plug 99 5129 00 12 , Attached & Program to the end of the cable of a Load, Torque, or Pressure Sensor , TEDS (IEEE1451.4) Plug & Play Kit For IHH500 & ZCC994
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03670
Model: ZCC995 , Analog Output/Relay/Alarm Cable Assembly for IPM650
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03717
Model: IPM650 Rear Stand w/ Slip Protection Bumpers , Black Anodized
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03720
Model: Z Clam Shell Mount/Stand w/ T-Knobs & Mounting Screws , For Use w/ IHH500
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH03832
Model: APA300 , IPM650 Power Supply Kit with Interchangeable AC Plugs, 18W 15VD Output , 5 ft Long
List Price: N/A
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