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VCAL Accessories

Item No. GOD00682
Model: AC Cord for Power Supply 30 Watt, For VCAL, 6 ft Long
List Price: N/A
Item No. GOD00795
Model: Fuse Slow Blow Long Time Lag 250V 2.00A 5 x 20mm. For the VCAL.
List Price: N/A
Item No. GOD00928
Model: For VCAL, 45 W triple Output, Output Voltage +5/+15/-15 VDC, Output Amps 5/2/0.8 A, Input Voltage 85-265 VAC, Power Supply/Adapter External Switching Power
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH01536
Model: ZCC952 , 10 ft Long , 6 Pin Bendix PT06A-10-6S-SR to 10 Pin Lemo FGG.1B.310.CLAD52 Mating Connector with Cable , VCAL Cable - CC1 , Material - Polyurethane , 28 Awg 6 Conductors , Braided Shielded
List Price: N/A
Item No. FSH01537
Model: ZCC944 , 5 ft Long , 4 Pin Lemo Mating to 4 Pin Lemo Plug w/ Cable Assembly , VCAL Temperature Extension Cable , Material - PVC , 28 Awg 4 Conductors , Braided Shielded
List Price: N/A
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