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Nano Sensor

QLA414 NANO force sensor is the smallest tension and compression force measurement solution of its kind (micro-miniature in-line load cell). The 4mm x 5mm NANO sensor, opens up a world of possibilities for industries such as advanced automation, semiconductor, electronics assembly,  and robotic surgery, where force sensor size is critical.

The NANO force sensor features M1 threaded double-sided mounting provisions and unique thru-hole design allowing for flexible slide on, weld-on over the tube, wire, or shaft integration options. Nano sensors multi element, side load compensated 1000 Ohm full-bridge instrumentation is encased with laser-welded construction with patent-pending non-active interconnect packaging providing environmental protection. It allows for high accuracy in 5lb and 10lb capacities with ultra-low deflection, and high natural frequency response up to 98KHz.

Additionally, force sensors as small as 3mm x 4mm with measurement capabilities up to 50lb, are also available for OEM applications, including IP67 and autoclavable sensors for the medical industry. In the surgical robotics and laparoscopic tools space, the NANO Force Transducer is well suited for haptics force feedback and catheter ultra-miniature load cell.

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