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6 multi axis sensor QMA142 6 dof force sensor

Low Profile & Light Weight 6DOF Force/Torque Sensor w/ Overload Protection

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Item Number
Load Capacity
Torque Capacity
# Of Axis
Mounting Type
Output Type
Inner Diameter In Inches
Length In Inches
Height In Inches
Width In Inches
Outer Diameter In Inches
Max Operating Temperature
Min Operating Temperature
Input Resistance
Connection Type
Thread Size
Weight In Lb
Cable Length
# Of Bridges/channels
Custom Special
Min Compensated Temperature
Max Compensated Temperature
Temperature Shift Span
Temperature Shift Zero
3.3721 lb
8.8507 in-lb
Overload Protection, RoHS
0.1 %RO
200 F
-60 F
182 Ohm
0.25 %RO
2 in
QMA142 , Ch Fx/Fy/Fz: 15 N ; Ch Mx/My/Mz: 1 N-m , Custom 6DOF Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensor , 1.96 in [50 mm OD] x 0.38 in [9.5 mm] ID x 0.43 in [10.8 mm] H , Overload Protection , Aluminum 2024-T4 , 15 Pin FFC , 0.5mm Pitch , 2 in. Long
60 F
160 F
0.04 TSS
0.01 TSZ

QMA142 Custom 6 Axis SensorCustom 6 DOF Multi-Axis Force-Torque Sensor,  Ch Fx/Fy/Fz: 15 N;  Ch Mx/My/Mz: 1 N-m, Dimensions: 1.96 in. OD x 0.375 in. ID x 0.4 in. H ,  Overload Protection, Material - Aluminum 2024-T4 ,  Cable - 15 Pin FFC , 0.5mm Pitch , 2 in. Long

A Multi-Axis Sensor is a force-torque transducer that measures up to 6 different forces (Fx, Fy, Fz) and torque (Mx, My, Mz), in 3 spatial directions and converts it into an electrical output signal. Multi-Axis Sensors are also known as Multi-component transducers or force-torque sensors (6 axis force sensor, 6 axis sensor, 6 axis force/torque sensor). Multi-Axis Force Sensors manufactured in the US by FUTEK utilizing Metal foil strain gauge technology.

A Multi-Component Sensor (also commonly known as force-torque sensor or multi-component load cell) designed to measure in all spatial directions: forces in tension and compression (±Fx, ±Fy, and ±Fz) as well as torques or moments in clockwise and counterclockwise (±Mx, ±My or ±Mz). These special force torque sensors are equipped with multiple strain gage bridges that accurately measure the forces and torques applied in one direction with little or no cross-talk interference from force or moments applied in other directions.

Which applications require six axis force and torque readings?
6 Axis Force Sensors are used for product testing, robotic assembly, grinding, polishing, and other industrial applications where holding a steady position and trajectory high-repeatability is necessary. This sensor is particularly important in complex assembly operations where the robot will encounter different problems (misalignments, tight fits, force tests, etc) and precision motion control over the end-of-arm tooling applied force (robot end-effector) is paramount. The six axis load cell allows the controller to recognize what is going on with the robot tool and improves end-effector dexterity.

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Z540-1 ANSI Certified17025 ISO Certified9001 ISO Certified13485 ISO CertifiedU.S. Manufacturer
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