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Custom 6 Axis Sensor

QMA142 Custom 6 Axis SensorCustom 6DOF Multi-Axis Force-Torque Sensor,  Ch Fx/Fy/Fz: 15 N;  Ch Mx/My/Mz: 1 N-m, Dimensions: 1.96 in. OD x 0.375 in. ID x 0.4 in. H ,  Overload Protection, Material - Aluminum 2024-T4 ,  Cable - 15 Pin FFC , 0.5mm Pitch , 2 in. Long

A Multi-Axis Sensor is a force-torque transducer that measures up to 6 different forces (Fx, Fy, Fz) and torque (Mx, My, Mz), in 3 spatial directions and converts it into an electrical output signal. Multi-Axis Sensors are also known as Multi-component transducers or force-torque sensors (6 axis force sensor, 6 axis load cell, 6 axis force/torque sensor). Multi-Axis Force Sensors manufactured in the US by FUTEK utilizing Metal foil strain gauge technology.

6 axis sensor QMA142
6 axis sensor QMA142
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