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Amplified Load Sensing Clevis Pin

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Item Number
Load Capacity
Max Operating Temperature
Min Operating Temperature
Max Excitation
Input Resistance
Max Compensated Temperature
Min Compensated Temperature
Custom Special
1500 lb
200 F
-40 F
24 VDC
2 %RO
372 Ohm
QLA192 , 1500 lb , Amplified Load Pin , Clevis Pin , Shear Pin Load Cell , 0.495" [12.57 mm] OD , 2.5 +/-2 VDC Analog Output , Material - 17-4 PH S.S. , Internal Amplifier , 6 Pin Bendix Receptacle, PT02A-10-6P
160 F
60 F

Model QLA192 is a custom amplified load sensing clevis pin that is capable of measuring up to 1500 lb (6672 N). The OD of the pin is 0.490 inches (12.45 mm). The body of the sensor is made of stainless steel and includes an internal amplifier that outputs a  +/- 2 VDC analog signal.  It includes a 6 pin Bendix receptacle. FUTEK is capable of designing clevis pins of various geometries and capacities.

Z540-1 ANSI Certified17025 ISO Certified9001 ISO Certified13485 ISO CertifiedU.S. Manufacturer
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