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Custom Autoclavable Thru Hole Washer Load Cell

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Width In Inches
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Custom Special
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175 lb
5 Pin Header
0.25 %RO
104 F
59 F
1 %RO
1000 Ohm
QLA401 , 175 lb , Custom Surgical Grade OEM Autoclavable/Sterilizable/Biocompatible Thru Hole Load Cell , IP69K , RoHS Compliant , Material - Inconel , 5 Pin Header
104 F
59 F
150 %RO

> QLA401

Autoclavable and unstoppable

  • height: 3.4mm
  • diameter: 13.5mm
  • capacity: 175lb

Standing at 0.13in (3.4mm) tall × 0.53in (13.5mm) in diameter, the QLA401 is a miniature, low profile, sterilizable, through-hole load cell with an extraordinarily robust monolithic design for OEM integration. Based on our patented (#US10527509B2) hermetic sealing technology, this high-quality sensor can withstand the harsh physical and chemical conditions in the autoclave and survive over a thousand autoclave cycles while providing consistent performance, providing a long service life, low maintenance, and low replacement costs while reducing material waste and cost per procedure.

Its small size and through-hole mounting offer incomparable value for advanced handheld medical tools that require haptic feedback capabilities as close to the surgical site as possible. This model can also be modified to suit OEM applications. FUTEK offers application and engineering resources during DFM/DFX stage upon request.

Designed for autoclave applications

The FUTEK QLA401 sensor is ideal for autoclave applications, such as smart laparoscopic and endoscopic tools. Its patented design was made to withstand harsh conditions such as high-pressure steam sterilization and operate reliably in environments with high temperature and pressure steam, bleach, and other high pH liquids. Other than autoclaves, the QLA401 is suitable for other critical areas such as aerospace and harsh industrial applications.

Patented hermetic sealing

The QLA401 load cell has FUTEK’s patented, monolithic hermetically sealed design, which results in a robust, air-tight, and waterproof device suitable for unique and custom force-sensing requirements. Hermetically sealing the load cells protects the devices from the ingress of steam, liquids, and other particles in the autoclave, especially at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Highest protection rating

Due to the patented technology, the QLA401 has an IP69K-rating, the highest protection against ingress of dust, liquids, and steam jets, meaning that it can withstand almost any harsh condition as well as over a thousand autoclave sterilization cycles.

Miniature monolithic design

The QLA401 has a unique monolithic design that features protruding connector pins that have been hermetically sealed using a proprietary no-welding process, making the sensor very durable and capable of withstanding extremely harsh conditions. This technology also shrinks the package size, allowing the sensor to have its exceedingly low profile.

Flexible connection

Unlike the traditional load sensor with integrated cable, the FUTEK QLA401 has a connector output that increases flexibility and maintainability. The sensor has an integrated hermetically sealed pin header, with pins that protrude from the housing to provide easy-to-access electrical power and signal connections. This design provides connection flexibility, as users can directly solder wires or flex circuits onto the pin headers.

Powerful material

The QLA401 body has an excellent corrosion-resistant Inconel alloy body. The construction material is suitable for almost any fluid and has a high resistance to scaling and oxalic acid effects. Its outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures makes the load cell ideal for harsh autoclave environments and similar applications.

Calibration included

The QLA401 has been tested by FUTEK’s world-class calibration department and is NIST traceable. We can also reduce hidden costs and setup time by calibrating your sensor with FUTEK electronics of your choice. In addition, we offer calibration to ANSI Z540-1 and ISO 17025 standards upon request.

Made in California

Designed and manufactured in-house. Our multidisciplinary engineering teams, high precision machining center, state-of-the-art quality assurance systems, and R&D and manufacturing facilities are all under one roof, allowing us to continuously reinvent and refine our products and processes.

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