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Custom Miniature Shear Force Load Cell

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Item Number
Load Capacity
Thread Size
Height In Inches
Length In Inches
Width In Inches
Environmental Conditions
Output Type
Connection Type
# Of Bridges/channels
Connector Type
Cable Length
Load Directions
Max Operating Temperature
Min Operating Temperature
Max Excitation
Input Resistance
Safe Overload
Ip / Nema Rating
Weight In Lb
Custom Special
Temperature Shift Span
Max Compensated Temperature
Temperature Shift Zero
Min Compensated Temperature
50 lb
Water Resistance
Fatigue Rated, RoHS,TEDS
1 ft
Tension & Compression
0.05 %RO
180 F
-40 F
10 VDC
0.1 %RO
350 Ohm
300 %RO
17-4 PH S.S.
0.02 TSS
160 F
0.01 TSZ
60 F

QLA417 Custom Miniature Flange Style Load Cell is a shear beam load cell type. 

Shear beam load cells deliver exceptional stability in the case of lateral or side forces. Shear strains on the spring element do not change when the load application point moves within a specific range, which is desirable in applications where the load application force varies. Therefore, the electrical signal output of the strain gauge bridge is proportional to the applied force, regardless the point where the load is applied

Shear beam load cell is also known as bending load cell, parallelogram load cell or Parallel Beam Load Cell, is widely used in industrial weighing scale and general measurement applications where robustness is required.

shear beam load cell Parallel Beam Load Cell QLA417
shear beam load cell Parallel Beam Load Cell QLA417
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Z540-1 ANSI Certified17025 ISO Certified9001 ISO Certified13485 ISO CertifiedU.S. Manufacturer
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