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Digital Hand Held Display

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Encoder, mA,mV/V,TEDS,VDC
Display, mA,USB,VDC
Benchtop, Handheld
IHH500 Elite , Intelligent Digital Handheld Display , mV/V , VDC , Current , and Encoder Measurement , Analog Output , Alarm Relays , TEDS , and USB Output - Accessory Kit (FSH03583) With All Mating Connectors and SENSIT® Software Included
Water Resistance
0.01 %RO
158 F
-4 F
Display, mA,USB,VDC
Benchtop, Handheld
IHH500 Pro , Intelligent Digital Handheld Display , mV/V , VDC , & mA Measurement , Analog Output , Alarm Relays , TEDS & USB Output , Only Power Supply Adapter is included
Water Resistance
0.01 %RO
158 F
-4 F

> IHH500

Precision measurements on-the-go

The IHH500, a battery-operated handheld display and sensor indicator, seamlessly connects to a computer via USB. Its user-friendly interface makes it perfect for strain-gauge-based load cells, torque sensors, and pressure sensors in engineering applications. This digital weight indicator features an integrated low noise/high-speed/high-resolution ADC, accommodating various sensor inputs. Available in Pro and Elite versions, both share the same capabilities, while the Elite additionally reads and records encoder data like angle and speed. It also includes SENSIT® software for live graph data logging.

Broad Range of Sensor Inputs

The IHH500 Digital Handheld Display can accept a large array of inputs. It is compatible with full bridge strain gauge inputs up to ± 500 mV/V, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of strain gauge-based or mV/V sensors. The IHH500 can also accommodate amplified voltage output sensors up to ± 12 VDC and current output sensors up to 30 mA. The IHH500 can significantly improve project accuracy and reduce errors by streamlining data interpretation with its universal unit conversion options for load, torque, pressure, and displacement sensors.

Enhancing Engineering Precision

The IHH500 Sensor Reader is designed to tackle critical engineering challenges head-on. Its exceptional sampling rates of up to 4,800 samples per second (SPS) for mV, VDC, and mA inputs minimize inaccuracies in measurements (i.e., signal aliasing).

The IHH500 empowers engineers to achieve unparalleled precision in highly dynamic applications, such as robot motion control in surgical robotics, humanoids, aerospace, and materials testing. It boasts an exceptional Noise-Free Resolution (NFR) of up to 18.7 bits for mV/V and 20.8 bits for mA/VDC inputs, ensuring detailed and accurate data acquisition. Additionally, its low non-linearity of ± 0.005% of Full-Scale Range (FSR) significantly reduces measurement errors.

Robust data logging and streaming

The IHH500 is capable of storing up to 21,000 measurement points, ensuring resilient data logging for applications with extensive datasets. Data visualization is also available with the live graphing option in our SENSIT® software in conjunction with the IHH500. Use the feature to monitor insights as they unfold and proactively take action as needed. IHH500 is also equipped with ASCII stream output, enabling developers to design standardized data interfaces.

SENSIT® software compatibility

The IHH500 facilitates remote control via its USB output, seamlessly synchronized with the intuitive SENSIT® software. Streamline your workflow by effortlessly uploading data logging information from the IHH500 to the SENSIT® Software. This allows for comprehensive graphing and evaluation, and the option to export data to an Excel table for in-depth analysis, enhancing efficiency in your engineering processes.

The seamless integration with FUTEK's SENSIT® software equips you with advanced data visualization tools, facilitating in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.

Elite Version Capabilities

The Elite version of the IHH500 sensor display is engineered to provide comprehensive solutions to critical motion control applications. This version offers:

  • Precise angle and speed signal capture through the encoder’s quadrature pulse reading capability, making it optimal for rotary torque sensor data acquisition.
  • Responsiveness in applications demanding precise motion control, enhancing system performance and safety. It achieves a swift pulse rate of up to 150k pulses per second for speed measurements and 10k pulses per rotation for angle measurement.
  • Comprehensive data visualization and analysis that is perfectly suited for research and development through the SENSIT® software.
  • An accessory kit featuring a rugged Pelican case, USB cable, support bracket, and mating connectors, simplifying integration into engineering projects, reducing setup time, and enhancing overall efficiency across various engineering applications.

Power Up Your Control and Connectivity

The Handheld Display offers solutions to critical engineering challenges by providing advanced control and connectivity features. The IHH500 offers:

  • Enhanced system safety and response in applications where immediate alerts are crucial with its 2 programmable solid-state relays (110 VAC - 100 mA) tailored for seamless external alarm integration.
  • Valuable tools for control loop feedback that allow you to fine-tune and optimize your system performance due to its dual analog voltage (0-5 VDC or ±5 VDC) and current (0-20, 4-20, 0-25, 5-25 mA) outputs.
  • Stable power supply for bridge-type sensors due to its additional 24 VDC / 5VDC power supply output for external sensors.

Supports TEDS capability

The IHH500 handheld display supports IEEE1451.4 TEDS auto recognition. This capability significantly mitigates setup errors by streamlining the sensor integration process. You can seamlessly switch between different sensors with confidence, minimizing downtime and ensuring a more efficient workflow. The IHH500's support for TEDS not only simplifies setup but also enhances precision and reliability.

Multi-Mode Solution

The device's adaptability as a handheld, benchtop/desktop, or wall-mounted device provides you with flexible solutions based on your application needs. The flexible usage options also directly solve issues related to portability, workspace efficiency, and data accessibility.

  • Handheld: Facilitates on-the-go measurements and data acquisition, streamlining fieldwork and reducing the need for cumbersome equipment.
  • Benchtop/desktop configuration: Offers precision and convenience for lab-based experiments and testing, aiding you in achieving accurate results efficiently.
  • Wall-mounted: Optimizes workspace organization, ensuring easy access to critical data without clutter.

Rugged Aluminum Enclosure

The IHH500 handheld sensor display presents a robust frame through its protective aluminum enclosure. This housing not only reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) but also extends the product's lifespan, addressing durability concerns in demanding environments. IHH500 is IP64 rated, safeguarding the device from dust and moisture. The inclusion of four binder connectors, including a 2-pin power supply, an 8-pin connector for analog and alarm functions, a 12-pin connector for sensor, and a 4-pin USB connection, significantly streamlines connectivity.

Engineering Units Supported by IHH500
Force (Mass) Torque Pressure Displacement mV/V
μg g-mm Pa mm  
mg g-cm kPa cm  
g g-m mbar dm  
kg kg-cm bar m  
M-ton kg-m MPa km  
dyn N-mm kg/cm2 in  
kdyn N-cm atm ft  
Mdyn N-m mmHG yd  
N kN-m in-H20 mi  
kN in-oz ft-H20    
oz in-lb Psi    
lbs ft-lb kPsi    
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