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IPM650 Pro , Intelligent Panel Meter , mV/V , VDC , Current Measurement , Analog Output , Alarm Relays , TEDS and USB Output , Power Button Disabled , Powers On When Plugged In
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Digital Load Cell reader readout display panel mount
Digital Load Cell reader readout display panel mount
Digital Load Cell reader readout display panel mount
Digital Load Cell reader readout display panel mount
Digital Load Cell reader readout display panel mount

The IPM650 Intelligent Panel Mount is FUTEK’s solution that can be easily integrated to work with Load Cells, Torque Sensors and Pressure Sensors. The IPM650 Digital Load Cell Display has an input range of up to +/-500 mV/V. Beside the mV/V input, device accepts amplified output sensors in range of ± 12 VDC or up to 30 mA. It also has two individual relays and two analog voltage and analog current output. This load cell display unit provides additional 24 VDC / 5 VDC as power supply for sensors with a built-in amplifier. FUTEK’s IPM650 Load Cell Display also supports TEDS which makes it easy to switch between different sensors. A high speed/ low noise/ high resolution (24 bits) ADC is integrated in the device to make it suitable for high accuracy measurements. This IPM650 Load Cell Display also has the capability of displaying values onto a computer through a USB link.

Load cell digital displays are necessary where the load or force measurement application requires that the load to be displayed locally in the field or laboratory as well as displaying the results on a PC, DAQ or PLC. In those cases, one can use FUTEK IPM650 Digital Load Cell Display. Each load cell readout can be used to connect up to 14 sensors profile.

The IPM650 is not just a Digital Load Cell display (strain gauge display or weight meters) it goes beyond, indicating the force measurement readings, exciting the load cell bridge circuit and reading its mV/V output signal. The more advanced the digital load cell display is, the more capabilities it has to condition the signal and communicate with peripheral devices, such as a computer, PLC, DAQ, or remote display unit.

  • Power On When Plugged In
  • Measures mV/V Strain Gauge, +/-10 VDC, or 0-25 mA Inputs
  • 21k point data logging
  • Sampling up to 4800 sps
  • Keypad options (Track/Hold - Peak/Valley Reset - Unit - Tare/Gross-Shunt - Channel - Display-Menu)
FUTEK IPM650 - Intelligent Digital Transducer Display
Intro Video | Digital Load Cell Indicator | Intelligent Panel Mount Load Cell Display
IPM650 Profile Setup Guide
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