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Reaction Torque Sensor
TFF400 , 50 in-oz , Reaction Torque Sensor , Material - 2024-T4 , Overload Protection , 4 Pin Lemo Receptacle, EGG.0B.304.CLL
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FUTEK’s TFF400 Reaction Torque Sensors feature a Flange to Flange mounting solution with torque measurements ranging from +/- 5 inch-oz to 500 inch-pounds, (+/-0.04 to 60 Nm) and Torsional Stiffness of 325 inch-oz/radians to 199,000 Inch pounds/radians. The TFF400 utilizes Metal Foil Strain Gage technology and features an Overload Protection for the low capacity units to help prevent overload damage that may occur during installation. With the recommended Mounting Plate, a full range of mounting options becomes available. The TFF400 Torque Sensors are made from Aluminum and anodized for optimum durability. Applications include fastener testing, engine testing for automotive and aerospace, automotive break testing, and prosthetic limb testing.

  • Easily integrates into OEM applications
  • Designed for Torque auditing
  • Aluminum construction
  • Built-in overload protection on lower ranges
  • Strain gauge based
  • Easy cable disconnect
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TFF400 , 50 in-oz , Reaction Torque Sensor , RoHS Compliant , Through Hole , Material - 2024-T4 , 1/2" [12.7 mm] ID , Integrated Overload Protection , 4 Pin Lemo Receptacle , EGG.0B.304.CLL
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