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Digital Hand Held Display
Z Clam Shell Mount, IHH500
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The IHH500 Hand Held Portable Digital Display is FUTEK’s solution that can be easily integrated to work with Load Cells, Torque Sensors and Pressure Sensors. The IHH500 has an input range of up to +/-500 mV/V. Beside the mV/V input, device accepts amplified output sensors in range of ± 12 VDC or up to 30 mA. It also has two individual relays and two analog voltage and analog current outputs. This device provides additional 24 VDC / 5VDC as the power supply for sensors with built-in amplifier. FUTEK’s Hand Held display also supports TEDS which makes it easy to switch between different sensors. A high speed/ low noise/ high resolution (24 bits) ADC is integrated into the device to make it suitable for high accuracy measurements. The IHH500 uses rechargeable battery with a long life time. The IHH500 also has the capability of displaying values onto a computer through a USB link.

  • Speed/Angle/Power Measurement (Elite Model Only)
  • Bridge Resistance Measurement
  • Keypad Options (Track/Hold, Peak/Valley Reset, Unit, Tare/ Gross, Shunt, Battery, Display, Menu)
  • First Peak/First Valley Feature
  • User Friendly Navigation Menu
  • Shunt Calibration
  • Universal Unit Conversion
  • Supports IEEE1451.4 Standard (TEDS Templates 30 & 33)
  • Leading and Lagging TTL input (Elite Model Only)
  • USB Output
  • ASCII Stream Output
  • Selectable Voltage and Current Configuration
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