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FUTEK vows to continue to design, develop, and produce their USB modules in-house. They believe the best practice of customer support is for USB users to bring their questions regarding the software and/or design directly to those whose hands have actually crafted the product.
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(Covers all models purchased between 2008 - March 2013)
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Is the USB Module compatible with all the sensors (Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors)?
Our currently released USB modules will support an of our sensors with a mV/V output. We have plans to release other USB modules that would support amplified output sensors.
Do I need any other equipment such as an amplifier?
No. To use our USB module, all that is needed is the sensor,USB module, and a computer.
How long can the cable be that connects to the USB device from the sensor?
There is no requirement on the cable length from the sensor, only that the mV/V output from the sensor and cable be known.
How would you go about converting an existing transducer to USB type sensor?
For customers interested in this we highly recommend that they contact us first to discuss this option. Our USB is compatible for most sensor manufacturers but we would verify this during our discussion. Once this step is complete we would ask you to send in your existing sensor. Your sensor is then wired and programmed to work with the USB. Once you receive your unit it will be "plug-&-play” ready.
Is it possible to use 1 USB module with 2 different sensors at the same time?
The existing USB kit is set up for single channel so it works for 1 sensor at a time. The reason for this is (because) the firmware is set up to work cohesively with 1 sensor and to take advantage of functions like unit conversion or linearization functions. However, it is possible to use 1 USB kit with multiple sensors, one sensor at a time. To achieve this users will need to set up single point scaling within the SensIT software. Also, the USB device must be calibrated in mV/V.
Can it accept a 2mv/v input?
USB Kits stand alone can support a range of +/- 4 mV/V, but we can offer customized versions up to 500 mV/V. We are also working on a VDC range right now so stay tuned for that.
Can your system be interfaced to Load Cells from other manufacturers with standard excitation needs and output signals? i.e. a few mv/volt excitation
Yes, anything in the up to 500 mV/V range can be supported.
Can the USB module be deployed in high temperature environments?
The USB module was designed for ambient environments, however the sensor used in sync with the USB is more resistive to temperature changes. The operating temperature of the USB module is based on -13°F to 185°F. Typically, a FUTEK's Sensor operating range is approximately -60°F to 200°F (please check the specification sheet per model on exact operating temperature)
Will the USB module have any impact on the linearity of the sensor?
The SensIT USB Software is designed to take advantage of multiple point calibrations that we perform and then linearize the output. Simply put, through our USB technology we are able to improve the output.
What is the maximum length for the USB kit, sensor to hub?
It is 5 meters; however there are several technologies (hub, wireless, Ethernet) available out there that can greatly improve the distance.
Can USB Sensors be integrated with ProfiBus, ModBus, remote I/O, or other industrial systems?
USB Sensors can be used in conjunction with those technologies. They can be connected either through a USB port or Hub and then connected to a PC. ( I am not familiar with our compatibility with ProfiBus, or ModBus).
What protocol will the calibration follow?
As a standard, every sensor that we calibrate is NIST traceable but we are fully accredited to A2LA (ISO01725) and Z540 when required.
Will the USB module work for Multi-Axis sensors?
Yes we do currently offer solutions for Multi Axis measurements. Right now we offer 1 USB kit per channel so depending on the number of axis on the sensor a USB Kit will be needed per channel. Our Engineering team is working on a new solution that will support up to 4 channels with 1 USB kit but this will not be available until sometime in 2012.
Does your system support reading voltage from typical non strain gauge sensor? i.e. Thermocouples
Currently up to 2 Volts but we are also working on 10 VDC range solutions. FUTEK supports DC voltage at this time and not AC.
Can your system perform differential measurement (subtraction of two pressures) without using two modules?
Differential measurements can be made by taking advantage of SensIT’s math channel capabilities, and the use of more than one USB210.
What bridge configurations can the USB device be used with?
Does this module include bridge completion components? Our current off the shelf product is designed for use with a full Wheatstone bridge configuration and functions as a wheatstone bridge amplifier, but it’s not too involved to support other requirements.

Application Questions?

FUTEK's Application Engineers are always eager to answer an application question or to simply assist you configure a sensor system that is a fit for you application environment.

Troubleshooting Questions?

Having trouble with your existing sensor or instrumentation? Feel free to contact our technical support experts to assist you.

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