USB Sensor

USB force sensor
USB technology, within this industry, has set a new foundation for speed and ease in data compilation. We've worked diligently over the last five years to produce USB output solutions for all of our sensor models. We encourage you to look through the capabilities our USB Load Cell modules offer.
USB Load Cells
Product availability is one of our primary objectives at FUTEK. We design and manufacture a wide selection of load cells ranging from 10 grams to 400K pounds of force. These load cells are designed to measure both tensile and compression forces and off USB output.
USB Torque Sensors
Our selection of torque sensors offers an array of options for various applications. Whether rotary or reaction torque measurements, we offer high accuracy and performance. Our USB Load Cell solutions provide voltage, mV/V, and current outputs, as well as speed and angle readings.
USB Pressure Sensors
The ability to marry our USB technology with our pressure sensors has been one of the most exciting steps in the development of this program. All of the features and advantages offered with our USB solutions are available for our pressure sensors.
USB Multi-Axis Sensors
Able to measure up tp six components of load (three forces and three moments), reliable instrumentation is a priority for applications involving multi-axial sensors. All designs are flexible one piece flexures, machined and gauged to provide optimum output via FUTEK’s USB solution.
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