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load cell data acquisition system
The assembly and setup of a sensor platform has vastly improved with the introduction of USB. The traditional assembly of a sensor platform involved a sensor, an amplifier, a power supply, a load cell data acquisition system and software, on occasion a filter, and then a PC to capture and store the data. Though traditional platforms are suitable for most test-measurement applications, they carry a laundry list of “side effects” with them. Cost, space, noise, accuracy, convenience, and temperature co-efficiency all become variables within that traditional setup. What the industry needed was a fast data exchange solution that wouldn’t be phased by such “side effects.” And there lied the answer, a single unit solution – the USB module.
High Resolution
Resolution can be defined in three ways: internal, noise free, and effective number of bits. All USBs start at an internal resolution of 24 bits, and up to 21 ENOB. The noise free resolution of our devices can be up to 19 bits.
Impressive Accuracy & Non Linearity
FUTEK defines accuracy as a limit tolerance which defines the average deviation between the actual output versus theoretical output. And we define nonlinearity as the maximum deviation of the calibration curve from a straight line drawn between the no-load and rated load outputs. Knowing that both of these specifications are important, our entire USB line has a ± 0.005% of FSR for both accuracy and non-linearity.
Broad Sampling Rates
Some applications require an aggressive sampling rate, where a thousand samples per second maximum just won't cut it. FUTEK’s USBs offer excellent sampling rates, ranging between 5 and 15k samples per second. Please note that resolution will differ as your sampling rate increases.
Low Noise Interference
Noise interference can be quite detrimental to your data collection, especially for delicate measurements in the milligram capacity ranges, so reducing the noise was our primary objective when designing the USBs.
Multi Axis Sensor, Force, Torque
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