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Our definition of a force transducer may be a bit different than those of other sensor manufacturers. At FUTEK, we define a force transducer as a load cell intended for embedded, OEM-style applications.

Our force transducers, just like our load cells, contain a full-bridge strain gauge configuration. However, the wiring is exposed on our force transducers, requiring careful handling and precautions while mounting the sensor into your desired application. The sensors themselves are very thin, containing the full-bridge and all associated wiring on a flat plate.

We currently produce one force transducer, our FFP350. It is a flat plate with an "Archimedean" style cutout in the center which behaves much like a spring. Strain gauges attached to the plate measure the force applied on the center, in both tension and compression. Its small size makes it ideal for placing in small spaces.




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