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World's Smallest S-beam Type Load Cell!!
Release Date: 1/5/2004
Introducing the latest addition to our product line of miniature load cells, Futek presents the Jr. Series - the world’s smallest S-beam type load cell [a.k.a. Z-beam] with built-in overload protection. This unit incorporates distinctive cuts which provide overload protection to the sensor, which is fast becoming a signature trademark of Futek. This design feature protects the sensor from overload conditions of up to a remarkable 1000% of the full range in both directions, compression and tension. Furthermore, this new series also goes down to a low capacity range where no other s-beam has gone before, from 100 grams and as high as 10 lb. As for size, this unit is smaller than a quarter with package dimensions of 0.75”H x 0.63”L x 0.25”W. Not only is it small, but also lightweight, 0.3 ounces. This miniature load cell is ideal for applications where space is limited. It is also used in general-purpose inline applications, medical, spring testers, robotics and other weighing control systems. All capacities are currently available from stock to 4 weeks. To order this unit, please reference model number L2357 and its appropriate capacity range.

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