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Digital Load Cell Display with "TEDS"
Release Date: 2/27/2007
FUTEK’s popular IPM500 Panel Mount Signal Conditioner w/ Digital Display will now support sensors with "TEDS" ID recognition option per IEEE1451.4. "TEDS" (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) option features an auto-configuration which minimizes error due to setup and re-installation. This product is widely used by system integrators and test engineers in laboratory, medical, automotive and aerospace instrumentations. In addition to providing a stable and well regulated excitation voltage to the sensor, it also provides 0-10 VDC & 4-20 mA analog output as well as RS232 / RS485 and USB interface to be used with PLC, data acquisition card or computer. FUTEK’s IPM500 display is the ideal solution for a complete sensor and instrumentation system. Some of the key features for this digital load cell display include:


  • Scaleable to 5 digits. ±99,999
  • 60 conversions per second
  • Peak & valley hold and remote auto tare
  • Bidirectional Scale factor.
  • 6 wire connection supporting sense lead
  • Analog output for PLC controls
  • Dual setpoint alarm with built-in relays
  • USB &  RS232 / RS485 computer interface
  • Software (Data Display & recording TEDS read & write)


Please visit for more information on this digital display, or its comparable bench top version, the IBT500.




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