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Load Cell - DNA Synthesis

Application Summary

In DNA synthesis, bio-medical engineers can utilize FUTEK’s LSB200 for its precision and sensitive capacity range.

Products in Use

LSB200 Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cell paired with Instrumentation (USB Solutions or IAA Series Amplifier).

DNA Synthesis
How it Works
  1. For this application, it is imperative that each dispenser releases an exact amount of fluid for the DNA sequence to be accurate. To ensure this, FUTEK’s LSB200 Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cells have been mounted  to the base of each fluid dispenser.

  2. Each LSB200 can measure down to the microgram the fluid as it exits its  dispensing tube. These microgram measurements require the use of SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software alongside FUTEK's USB Solutions.

  3. Once the allotted amount of fluid has been released from the dispenser, the valve will close until it is time to perform another DNA sequence.

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